This dish is DIVINE!

And I did not have any type of pre-cooked chicken on hand, so I made these Oven Baked Chicken Thighs to add to the recipe below and they hit the spot. And even with that “added” step, this is a superbly simple recipe for Chicken and Dumplings!

Thank you Bowl of Delicious for Easy Chicken and Dumplings from Scratch

xo CH

The BEST Pancakes Ever!

We have been making these in our family for years and they are always a hit! They are nicknamed MBP’s (Mac’s birthday pancakes) since I first served them at a family birthday breakfast a few years back. We can’t cook with cow milk in our house – so that’s how I originally found them – but over the years I have used rice milk, almond milk, and (if necessary) just water – and they are still amazing. The recipe is tremendously versatile, and forgiving, and best of all – they taste is as good as any pancake you’ve ever had. Our tweaks: if on hand, I add a cup of chocolate chips, and if you can sprinkle some confectioner’s sugar (through a sifter) on top – it’s divine. Hope you enjoy xoxo CH

Milk-Free, Egg-Free Pancakes from Genius Kitchen

Cast Iron Skillet Roast Chicken

I learned about this recipe from a new foodie friend (is there anything better?!) and she has inspired me to venture into the world of cast iron skillet cooking. First on my list will certainly be this highly recommended recipe from one of the cooking gurus behind the iconic Silver Palate “Good Times” cookbook, and four of her own cookbooks including The Nantucket Open House Cookbook and The New England Open House Cookbook.

Stay tuned for my take on my cast iron culinary adventures – and in the meantime, enjoy Sarah Leah Chase’s Cast Iron Skillet Roast Chicken.


**Update: Made this last night – skipped the gravy – and put some quartered onions and yukon gold potatoes in the roasting pan at the start and it was all amazing! BTW – I do love my digital thermometer – takes out all the guesswork.

Though I am hesitant to feature yet another chicken recipe (I will mix it up I promise), this roast chicken is too fabulous to put on hold, and it’s fresh on the mind for two reasons. First, I made it last week and it was SO good and devoured by all. AND you may have heard about a small wedding in Windsor over the weekend, well he supposedly popped the question over this dish. Full disclosure, the 1 to 1 1/2 hour cook time may take this off the table as a weeknight option – it was 1 hour for me – if you front load the emails, the put aways, and tomorrow’s to-do’s during the cooking time, it really was a breeze. I didn’t have the Thyme or red onions on hand so proceeded without, and I screwed up the gravy. And absolutely buy kitchen string next time you are at the store – you’ll have it forever, and feel like a rockstar every time you use it. I served it with steamed broccoli (the tea kettle hack for hot steam water is genius BTW) and my favorite risotto ever, it’s printed on the back of this jar.

LOVED by ALL, and not one plate to scrape: Barefoot Contessa’s Perfect Roast Chicken.

xo CH