Crockpot White Bean Chicken Chili

This one of the first recipes submitted to WEEK NIGHTS ONLY, and I knew I was onto something when this text came in! It was cooking on my counter the next day, and devoured by all. Throw the following in a crockpot: Chicken breasts, can of white beans, chopped onion, jar of salsa verde, little can of green chilis. Cook for 6 hours. Shred chicken into saucy mixture and serve over rice. YUM. Thanks LC!


One of my favorite week night chicken dinners was inspired by mother-in-law.  One day I happened to ask her for an easy dinner option that she used to make a lot – and she suggested baked chicken breasts.  Somehow, until that point, I had cooked chicken every other which way one could, but somehow, never baked a breast.

I went home inspired, hit the google machine, and landed on this recipe which I use for the temperature and time only. SPOILER: 400 degree oven, bake 10 minutes first side, 15 minutes second. I put tinfoil on the baking sheet (zero mess!), pour olive oil on the chicken breasts (both sides) and sprinkle with Borsari – my favorite seasoning ever, recommended by a dear friend.

In the oven, that’s it!  For what it’s worth, I usually serve this with Quick Baked Potatoes and Butter lettuce (fresh, or bagged!) with cut up apples, carrots, and Newman’s Own Balsamic Vinagrette.

SO good, loved by all.

xo CH