The inspiration for one of my favorite weeknight chicken dinners is all thanks to my fab mother-in-law.  One day I happened to ask her for a favorite, easy dinner option – and she suggested baked chicken breasts.  Somehow, until that point, I had cooked chicken every which way one could, but somehow, never baked a breast.

I went home energized and curious, hit the google machine, and landed on this recipe which I use for the temperature and time only. SPOILER: 400 degree oven, bake 10 minutes first side, 15 minutes second. I put tinfoil on the baking sheet (zero mess!), pour olive oil on the chicken breasts (both sides) and sprinkle with Borsari (my favorite seasoning ever, recommended by a dear friend).

In the oven, and that’s it!

SO good, loved by all.

PS. I usually serve with these Quick Baked Potatoes and Butter lettuce (fresh, or bagged!) with cut up apples, carrots, and Newman’s Own Balsamic Vinagrette.

xo CH


Aaaaaahhhhh…take a DEEP breathe, and welcome to WEEK NIGHTS ONLY – your GO TO spot for SLAM DUNK week night recipes. No matter what’s going on in your life, or the world outside, there’s one eternal question we face EVERY DAY – what’s for dinner?

One particular night, foraging together a dinner of same old same olds, a lightbulb went off and I immediately send out some SOS texts asking friends to send their one “NEVER FAIL” weeknight recipe.

The mission of WEEK NIGHTS ONLY is to collect and share THOSE recipes, the ones we love and love us back. In fact, feel free to cook any of these recipes ANYTIME, just know on a busy weeknight, you’ve got a recipe friend.

The only criteria for each and every recipe on this site is that it represents, for the sender, their GO-TO dinner. When I was sent an amazing CHICKEN SHAWARMA recipe, my mind was blown how the simple tip of marinating in the morning could make this seemingly complicated, out-of-this-world dinner, a weeknight go-to.  All it takes is knowing that for SOMEONE it is, and then it’s up to us if it earns a spot on our greatest hit list. Check out the RECIPE ARCHIVE and find your favorite!

PS: Any and all week night favorites welcome! Can be, but doesn’t have to be, fancy or original – just send credit link. Crockpot recipes welcome too! Send to:


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